• I was having my weekly manicure when I heard a choking sound behind me, when I turned to look, there was a small child choking.  Thanks to my training in Choking for Adults, Children and Infants, I was able to dislodge a piece of candy from the child's throat.  "I Saved a Life" !

  • My CPR training saved my child's life ! 2 days after training in CPR and Emergency First Aide, I was able to save my 2 year old who had swallowed a coin.  My first response was panick....but I remember my infant choking class I had taken the past Saturday and saved my little girls' life.  Thank You VCTraining !!!

  • "I loved everything, it was my first course and I loved it! Instructor made the class comfortable and easy to learn".

  • "Great job very informative, the instructor made this class fun and easy to understand. Easy to ask questions. Good atmosphere for learning".

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